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7 Reasons a Pinterest Wedding Will Break Your Heart

Author - Charlotte Barnes

Pinterest is an amazing tool that can help you find inspiration and ideas, but you need to be the one in charge. These are 7 reasons a Pinterest wedding will break your heart.

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1. Inspiration overload

There are literally thousands upon thousands of wedding images on Pinterest. In fact, Pinterest currently has over 100 million active users who are performing around 2 billion searches each month! That’s a lot of images to search through…

A Better Solution:

Pick out a few ideas that you like and create a Board to store them on. That way you can refer back to them and won’t be overloaded with new ones.

2. It will never be exactly like the picture

Even with all those images popping into your feed every day, the honest truth is that it is very unlikely you will ever get your wedding idea exactly spot on to the image on the page. There are just so many variables, many of which are listed below, that will leave you feeling deflated with your efforts.

A Better Solution:

Work with your Intended, or your Chief Bridesmaid and let them be really honest with you. If it’s beyond your skill, it’s best not to try it yourself (you could always find a skillful friend to help instead – see below)

3. You don’t have the skill

Many of the images shown on Pinterest are creating by experienced professionals. Home designers, florists, seamstresses, chefs; all people who have worked for years to hone their skills.

Are you really going to be able to replicate their exact work with an online tutorial and a trip to Hobby Craft?

A Better Solution:

We have many wonderful friends and family who are more than willing to lend a hand when you are wedding planning so why not utilise them? Ask around and see who might be willing to take over a project for you.

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4. You don’t have the time

Wedding planning is very time consuming and some things which you think will only take an hour or so can snowball into week-long projects. Soon, you find that your amazing Pinterest inspired table décor is not coming together as quickly as you hoped and now you only have 3 hours to make 12! That’s more stress that you don’t need!

A Better Solution:

Before you begin any planning, sit down and work out a calendar, plotting out when to start certain tasks and the deadlines they need to be done by

5. It’s way out of your budget

Let’s be realistic, many of the images you see on Pinterest are created by companies and entrepreneurs who have a business centred around wedding design. They probably have a horde of runners and workers, and a massive budget to match, so don’t get yourself in a bother thinking you have to match up to that.

A Better Solution: Just because you don’t have a huge budget doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing design. Just think about scaling it back until it fits comfortably within your budget.

6. It doesn’t fit with your theme

You may have spotted something utterly gorgeous on Pinterest and you feel that your wedding will not be complete without it. But hang on, your wedding is Vintage Country Garden and the image you want falls into Planet Rock Hollywood. But that’s okay, right….? Be honest with yourself, is this new addition going to fit in with your theme, or look horribly out of place?

A Better Solution:

Try and take aspects of the image that you like, such as the flowers, or a single piece of furniture and work it into your existing theme. That way, you still get the look you want, but it works with your theme, rather than against it.

7. It says nothing about you or your husband to be

You might have found the most amazing beach-inspired centre pieces in the world, but if you both hate the beach, sand, the ocean and everything around it, it will look totally out of place. You won’t have time at your wedding to go around and explain to every individual guest that you chose it so if it stands out as odd and not like you at all, it’s best to leave it out. Your wedding is supposed to be about expressing the love between you and your partner, not mimicking someone else’s.

A Better Solution:

Is there a way you can work in your new-found Pinterest inspiration into your existing plans? Ask yourself what it is about that particular image you like – it might not be the beach connection at all, but the colour of the sand instead. Use this instead!

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It’s YOUR wedding Remember that at the end of the day, this is your wedding and making it special for you and your partner is what’s important. Whenever you are tempted to start flicking through Pinterest, remember to always think about what you two want, not what everyone else wants.

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