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Beauty and the Beast

Colour & Theme Analysis Report

Author - Gemma Brittain

With the live action movie set to hit our screens next Spring, Beauty and the Beast will be the next big princess movie for the Spring Summer 2017 season. A true love story, a tale as old as time. This fairy tale holds a place in our hearts and with this inspirational wedding theme you can bring this classic story into your special day. By using the traditional colour palette of cobalt blues, golden yellow and rich rose red or a more sophisticated approach using delicate tones of soft blues, rose and dusky pinks, we show you our take on the two looks, and invite you to see our Inspirational ideas for this theme through wedding stationery.

Beauty and the Beast Classic


Bright White

11-0601 TCX


Rich Gold

16-0836 TCX


Sodalite Blue

19-3953 TCX



14-0848 TCX


True Red

19-1664 TCX

Here we look at this timeless Disney fairy tale. Cobalt blues, golden yellow and rich rose red were the key palette throughout the 1991 movie. For a classic Beauty and the Beast wedding theme this is how we would bring it to life.

Beauty and the Beast Remastered


Whisper White

11-0701 TCX


Frosted Almond

13-1012 TCX


Plein Air

13-4111 TCX


Petal Pink

11-2309 TCX


Crystal Pink

12-1605 TCX


Navy Peony

19-4029 TCX

A delicate take on the Disney fairy tale. A more subtle and sophisticated palette with softer hues are pulled together for a twist on the classic colour theme. Here we have paired gold metallic's with soft dusky pinks and with added navy for depth.

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