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Bridal Hair & Accessories

Spring Summer 2018

Trend Analysis Report

Author - Gemma Brittain

Your bridal look would not be complete without the right hair style or accessory. Here we have focused on the key trends of Spring Summer 2018 to inspire our brides for their BIG day.


bridal look hair hair styles Spring Summer

Braids have been a fashion trend for decades and have even become a staple style on the fashion catwalks. Braids can be used to give your hair a fuller look in updos or can add a touch of the whimsical fairy tale to longer hair styles. For the latest look, braiding has moved into the Boho feel. With the braids teased to add volume, using them to form a crown or just as a decorative detail to a bun can add to that more laid back bridal look.


Accessories botanical bridal look Floral Flowers Hair Accessories Spring Summer

With the botanical trend being a key theme for the season, more and more floral crowns are being worn by brides. Statement florals can add a touch of theatre to a more simpler bridal style.

Birdcage Veil

Accessories birdcage veil bridal look Hair Accessories Spring Summer Trend veil

If you are unsure about whether you want to wear a veil on your wedding day a small accessory such as a birdcage veil can add some glamour to your look without going for a full length train. With the continued love of vintage styling this delicate accessory can compliment your bridal look.

Heirloom Veil

Accessories bridal look Hair Accessories heirloom veil Lace Spring Summer

Traditionally brides wore antique gowns, handed down in their families through the generations. The vintage style of the 1940's and 50's is slowly being replaced with brides opting to look to their ancestors for inspiration for their wedding style. Heirloom veils can add a touch of history and can still be worn with a modern gown.

Hair Garlands & Bands

Accessories bridal look Hair Accessories hair bands hair garlands

If a veil is just not for you there are so many gorgeous accessories that can be added to your hair style to finish off your bridal look. For SS18 hair garlands, hair vines and delicate embellished bands are becoming a more popular choice for brides.

The Crown

bridal look crown Hair Accessories hair bands

This has to be the Key trend for the season. Good bye Tiara and Hello to 'The Crown'. This statement headpiece is truly our favourite trend and has come to the forefront over the past few years. For of SS18 crowns are handcrafted with such detail, from metals, to leather and even crystal quartz. The new traditional is the nontraditional.

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